So I am so new to blogging, I cant get my pictures where I want them, but for now, this is how God sees us, the finished product, and below how we see ourselves….even a lesson from my lack of knowledge of this blogging machine, and I must go to bed!!!!

after, all ready to relax and be ready for Lord to move me to action

after, all ready to relax and be ready for Lord to move me to action

Multitasking, this is a new word we often hear daily.  We use it to justify all the work we are doing or trying to do or hope to do.  We think the more we can accomplish while doing something else the more we can get done and then somehow find the perfect place of rest.  A recent study I heard on PBR ( not pabst blue ribbon, for those of you who care to know), showed that multitasking is actually a detriment to getting work done and getting it done well.  Well, regardless of the study….”Hi, I am Amy and I am an addicted multitasker”, “hi Amy”!

Case in point, take a look at this photo.  This is what has been building up over the last few months.  In this room, lets call it my office, are all the wonderful things I am working on.  Mind you they are all great things and fun and exciting and profitable for my heart, soul and mind.  Lets see: There is the jewelry I am making, just made my dear friend my first piece of turquoise and antler pendants along with coin charms we bought at the flea market together….of course I have about 25 more to make; then there are the horse beaded horse shoes I make, there is the bible study I am starting to write and all the books I need to study, there are bags of boots and chaps and breeches from the last race that need to be put away, Christmas presents, pillows to remake the guest room, a wonderful piece of art my daughter had made for me waiting for the perfect frame, burlap projects for the front porch and thanksgiving, pictures that need to be scanned and stored.  I could go on.  You see I am working on all this a bit at a time, not to mention the beach house management, the new jewelry line I am selling ( Chloe and Isabel) and the subdivision I have under contract to build houses on, which closes this month if all goes well.   All of this is good stuff, I could prioritize, but still I would want to dabble here and there and never get any of it done.

This is how so many of us Christ followers behave.   We have so much going on we give a little here , a little there and soon our spiritual souls look like my room.  Filled with so much we get overwhelmed and just stop doing any of it.  We often think we must use out gifts, if we even know what they are, or figure out what to do in order to help all the while keeping the family functioning at home and of course smoothly.    Paul said they gave of themselves.   That is an easy order to follow.  Just give what you have.  You have a word of encouragement, say it, you have time to meet for coffee, get to it, want to write a letter, send it. Do people keep coming up and telling you what you are good at?, well listen to them and take it as from the Lord. If you have several encounters over and over again about what they think you are good at , or they could see you doing that, I would OPEN YOUR EARS!! Sometimes we pray that God would show us what He wants us to do. We look for signs and open doors. Paul never had an open door, he had a mandate to preach the gospel and he just went to work regardless of a door being opened or closed. Has somehow told you lately that your kindness helped them get through something, or that they really appreciate the time you take out of your day to help them and it saved them?, or what about your skills? what do you love to do? What do you do? If you have something that you love and it happens to you weekly or daily that is your gift, it is using yourself. I have been asked at least 17 times ( not exaggerating) in two weeks if I give horseback riding lessons. I am praying hard about that, that has never happened before. I have been asked by at least 12 people on different days and people who do not know each other, but they all have asked if I would write a study on the Feasts of the Lord and the Wedding of the Lamb. I am serious, this is just happening, almost everyday. But when I look at my room I realize that if it stays this way I will have no time to pursue what God is calling me to do. It is time to clean house. Get it in order so that I am available to not only hear God, but be ready with my shoes on and my staff in my hand. So I encourage you, multitask away, as a mother, a wife, a working women or student which many of you are some of the above, you have become proficient at doing many things all at once. After all God created us to be adaptable and malleable to be a suitable “helpmeet” so we are gifted in this area. So I think of it as our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. We can take on too much and let it get away from the main objective. That is to show the love of Christ to those who are perishing. Please don’t get hung up on the “gifts”, I pray this very week you will hear the voice of God through others sharing snippets of what you are good at. Please don’t ignore them or shrug them off like we women are so prone to do. Think about it, if you hear it more than once take note, if it comes up three times I honestly believe it is from the Lord. But test the spirits, always see if what you hear lines up with scripture, and if it does MOVE AHEAD.
Your sister in Christ, Amy
a href=””>All my projects in their glory All my projects in their glory[/caption]


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